Full Honey Moon Fills Sky This Friday the 13th

Stunning honey-colored full moon lights up night sky to delight sky-watchers.

Photo of the full moon over the Temple of Poseidon in Greece.
A full moon over Greece’s Temple of Poseidon in June 2008. PHOTOGRAPH BY ANTHONY AYIOMAMITIS, TWAN


The superstitious may want to steer clear of black cats this Friday the 13th, but venturing outside very early in the morning will be worthwhile—you’ll be able to catch the spectacular full „honey moon“ in the night sky.

The honey moon officially reaches its full moon phase at 12:13 a.m. EDT on Friday morning for eastern North America. But its honey hues will shine most brightly in the early evening.

Foto: Jordan Kushins
Oh my god, check out the giant full moon over Sweden!
Foto: Jesus Diaz

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